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We Need The Muppets Now More Than Ever

I’m a little behind with what is on my DVR so I’m watching the Disneyland 60 special that was on the other week. Kermit the Frog came on and did his song The Rainbow Connection that I absolutely adore. He did it with some girl that has an amazing voice and I don’t remember her name (Tori Kelly perhaps?). Anyway, no offense to her, but shes not important to what I’m getting at. As I was watching this I was smiling like an idiot because The Muppets mean so much to me. I love the movies, the shows, and the songs. When I heard about the new TV show that ABC was putting out I was beyond excited. That was until I started to hear more and more about it.

The show was going to be filmed in the same style that The Office was. I didn’t like the office. Either version. It just wasn’t funny to me. Well ok, that shouldn’t matter right? Right. Then I heard that they were going to try to appeal to a more adult audience and take on a more adult attitude. Oooooook. Now you are starting to lose me a bit here. Alright, now you’re going too far, are Miss Piggy and Kermit breaking up?! Wait, wait, wait. You still love The Muppets don’t you? Yes…

I check out the show and watch about 5 maybe 6 episodes before I can’t take it. The show is so stupid and poorly written. The adult themes are ridiculous and focusing on relationships just didn’t sit well with me. Then we get the mid-season break. I hear that the show is not doing well and the writers are getting changed. Well now you’ve peaked my interest. Then I heard they were bringing back the original theme song. SOLD!

I watch it when it comes back on. Still not impressed. Maybe it is a little bit better than it was before, but not by much. Then the return of the original theme song was them briefly humming it. Now I’m pissed off. I still give the show a chance and watch a few more episodes. There is one more episode left of the season and the show is probably not getting renewed. All I can think, horribly, is good. This is awful.

I feel somewhere in-between that I don’t want the show to go, but I do. That feeling doesn’t make me feel good because I love The Muppets so much. Let’s rewind here. I’m watching the Disnyeland 60 special and The Rainbow Connection comes out and I’m smiling like an idiot. It makes me reflect on my feelings for them and what is going on in the world and what is on TV at the moment. Then it popped into my head. The world needs The Muppets now more than ever. Not The Muppets that is on TV right now, but the ones who were looking to star on Broadway, the ones that wanted to get the group back together, the ones who started a variety show.

I understand that a variety show wouldn’t work on TV now and that’s what I’m not asking. What I’m saying is that the ideals that Jim Henson had for what The Muppets are seem to be a bit lost. The attitude of The Muppets where they seemed like adult children going through the world with blind optimism is just what is needed today. Instead ABC creates a show where they complain, winge, and do adult things. I’m sorry, but if I’m going to waste a half hour to an hour or more of my life I want to forget about the world. I want to feel that optimism that I lose each day.

I miss those Muppets. The real Muppets. The ones Jason Segel tried to bring back. I think we need more of what they originally stand for and stop trying to make them trendy. I’m not drawn to the Muppets because they are like me, but because they are different, happy go lucky, silly, and amazing. I feel that the world is really in need of that and I feel awful that the show is going to be cancelled since it lost its vision. I want the original Muppets and I think the world needs it. I hope the Henson company realizes this and tries to do it correctly next time and I feel awful saying that since I love them so much. That’s how I feel at least.

So until we meet again friends…

  • Later Days!

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