It’s A Wonderful Life?

I watched It’s a Wonder Life last night and it got me thinking. First, great movie. It was a bit longer than I feel it needed to be especially since the final part was only like 20 minutes, but great movie none the less. It’s interesting how a movie like that (and Miracle on 34th St) can hold up against time. 1946 for Wonder Life and 1947 for 34th St. Maybe it’s just the story that defies time and doesn’t matter? Either way they are both fantastic movies that I have really enjoyed watching.

I want to pass on a note that I don’t generally watch movies that are very popular, just because they are popular. I find myself and backtracking now to see what all the hubba balu was about (just ask my Netflix queue of 210 movies at the moment). I find myself more drawn to the classics of the 40’s and 50’s more so than most movies I’ve watched. Also, I still refuse to watch movies just because they are popular. My biggest case is Avatar. It looked awful, just awful, and I refuse to watch it. I don’t even care that a huge section of Disney’s Animal Kingdom is going to be based off of it I still won’t watch it. Other movies I’ll let my pride go and watch them.

If you haven’t seen It’s a Wonderful Life (watch it if you get a spare 2 hours lol) then the quick run down is a guy wants to kill himself because he feels he’s worth more dead than alive thanks to life insurance after he’s struggled to keep his family loan business afloat instead of traveling and going to college. He fights Mr. Potter the richest man the entire way until his Uncle loses all their money and this could cause George (portrayed by James Stewart) to go to jail and he feels worthless. An angel shows him that he has touched many people’s lives after George wishes he was never born. George gets to see what life was like without him and how rich of a person he was without money.

So I was thinking and it made me put Yoda’s famous quote about the dark side on Facebook that people (like myself) are rich in a way as long as they have love and family (family a loose term, your friends or animals could be your family in my opinion especially if you’re blood family sucks). I started listening to a podcast by a modern Buddhist in CA since I’ve always been interested in Buddhism and it hurts so much to see the world as it is especially with current events.

I stopped paying attention to current events because of the death and despair they constantly spew and I didn’t want to have that negativity in my daily life. Online (especially with Facebook’s trending feature) I still see it, but I can turn a blind eye to it. It is so sad to constantly be hearing about shootings and all the anger we have in the world right now because of it.

Let me forewarn you that I used to think what I’m about to say is “hippy bullshit,” but I’m starting to see things differently. I’m an advocate of the “I don’t care what you do, don’t push it on others, and don’t hurt others” philosophy. I was very excited by the movement to allow homosexuals to get married. It still bothers me they don’t have the rights to each other as the old “traditional” man and woman couples, but hopefully that will change. Anyway, my thoughts these days have turned to… compassion, I guess the word I’m looking for.

I also subscribe to Penn Juillete’s Sunday School and he talked about how hate and anger is what gets the extremists going and they recruit 14 – 26 year olds (roughly) boys/men to be apart of their organization because that is the age they are most vulnerable. I know I was very angry as a teenager and into my early 20’s. I had no reason to be. I can’t for the life of me figure out why, but I was. I had my heavy metal and I didn’t give a fuck. So I understand what he was saying.

He continued on by saying that there is no compassion or love in their lives. Of course my go to is thinking that is a very hippy response, but he explained it a little more that I can’t repeat because I don’t remember it exactly, but what it came down to was essentially if we concentrated more on love and compassion instead of fear and anger in the world we wouldn’t have as many issues as we do.

Things like that aren’t taught anywhere for people to learn. People today are so self-absorbed concentrating more on their phones than they are life that is going on in front of them that other people are over looked. TV shows these days don’t have it on there. I think back to when I was growing up and we had wholesome television (TGIF). Even the Disney Channel today versus years ago is different.

I hate to have to say all that because I never wanted to be a “back in my day” kind of guy, but the world today is so estranged from everything it’s insane. I know I myself and very technologically savvy so I have the phone, the laptop, the computer, the DVR, the game stations, and the whatever. I enjoy more talking with my fingers than my mouth. Texting is great since I’ve never enjoyed being on the phone much, but at what point do we lose the human element, at what point do we lose ourselves?

Let me say that I still have anger. I hang on to grudges like there is no tomorrow. Cross me and you’re dead to me. It’s hard to let that stuff go (plus being angry can be fun), but I want to. It’s not good for me as a person. The fact that I have depression and anxiety is another reason I need to let it go, because it eats at me. Let it go. Frozen reigns supreme right? Haha.

Letting go is going to be one of the hardest things I will have to do (it is the hardest thing especially depending on the context). I feel bad for those who have died and those who will die. The anger that it is generating is sad and I feel bad for those who feel we need to take arms and blow every body up. Death only brings more death. Ghandi has the quote you know I’m referring to. It solves nothing. I just really wish there was more compassion and it wasn’t a once a week segment on the news. The news should be look at all these good things.

I hope that we can find an answer that doesn’t involve conflict that everyone wants to spearhead into. There is a better alternative especially if you go looking for it. I guess all I can do is urge you to have a little compassion in your life and love a little more. Whether it’s someone in the grocery store who needs a helping hand, holding a door, telling someone something nice, it really doesn’t matter just do it. Maybe it will grow and there won’t be as much anger. It’s never too late to go back by going forward with change.

I feel I’ve rambled too much so for now I’ll just have to say…

  • Later Days

One thought on “It’s A Wonderful Life?

  1. Thanks for posting this. We sure need more compassion in this world. But it’s so hard when so many people deny themselves the self-compassion they need. I know from my own life that self-acceptance and self-compassion is the first step to be able to extend the same to others. It is the hardest thing, but most rewarding. I think people nowadays rather opt for the easy way.


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