Holidays Are Coming

Sorry that it’s been almost a week since I’ve been on here. Work has been super busy. This time of the year we are always at the busiest time. Getting ready for the holidays takes up another time. I find myself not even having time to play games on my phone! And the phone is always by my side haha. Work has been stressful, but nothing I haven’t dealt with before so I’m not worried about that. My wife is having a hard time at her work and is incredibly stressed out. I feel really bad for her on that account. At least she has finished school for this semester and has one thing off her plate.

I think what I’m going to do is make time to make more of the holiday season. Last year I don’t think we took the time to enjoy things and I want that to be different. I’m going to find lights we can go look at and places we can go to try and make the most of what we can. We are getting a new fridge for Christmas which is fantastic. That is a stressor off my plate. I was worried I was going to have to take out another credit card to have to get one. We still need a new stove, but this one keeps going for now and doesn’t seem to be presenting a problem. I’m actually sad to get all this stuff because when we move (which I want to do in a few years) we won’t (probably) be taking this stuff with us.

There is a lot of home improvement that we either need or want to do and can’t afford. I go back to it being hard to find a job with the Catch 22 I have. Honestly I wish I could get paid for writing. That is truly something I enjoy doing (like this blog) and don’t have the time to do. Scratch that. I don’t make time to do. I have all these thoughts and ideas, but no way to get them out on paper and even if I get them on “paper” how does one get it all organized? I’ve never accomplished something like writing and am scared to even try. I know it’s going to be an ultimate failure so why even try?

I say failure because I know even if I think what I write may be a masterpiece (that won’t be the case at all) I’m sure if I publisher shop I’ll get a million rejections because that’s what happens unless you are a super established awesome author and I imagine that even they still get rejections to this day, but I can’t say for certain because I don’t know. Anyway I wish I had more motivation to do the things I think I need to do. I want a new laptop so I can just sit on the couch and do what I need to do rather than having to sit in the office.

The office wouldn’t be so bad if I was able to upgrade my main computer. I think it needs at least memory and I would like a new bigger monitor. However, I love my monitor. I’ve had it forever and it was my favorite choice for a monitor and it is such a good one! While we’re on the topic of my main computer at home I also am continuing to have an issue with it freezing up on Windows 10. I searched about it crashing and 100% disk usage to where I thought I had the problem fixed, but I’ve used it a couple times since then with it still being a problem. I’m going to have to do more research on it, but just having Google Chrome up the other day my memory was full and that was unusual. I might need an upgrade on memory, but I don’t know for sure.

I like the functionality of W10, but I don’t like how it is making my computer act. I know I’ll eventually figure out what the problem is, but the fact that I have to do that is extremely annoying.

Since I’m off my original point I’ll try to reel myself back in here. The holidays. Our plans are to go to Disney a few times, but I’m hearing they are getting record numbers of people there and that is kind of scary for a passholder. I feel bad for people who are spending $100 per person to go and there are record numbers of people. You just cannot enjoy everything there is to offer when the park is at capacity. Granted when we went on our honeymoon to Disneyland we went during the busiest times and still had a great time so maybe it is all a matter of perspective.

What is boils down to is I hope everyone has a good time for what is going on and how packed the parks will be. I’m a giving person and I always want those around me to have a good time (regardless of how I feel or act). I try to do whatever I can so others do have a good time, but communication seems to be an extremely difficult function these days and since I’m an easy goer I don’t pry or dig for information. If you want something you need to offer the information. I’m not a mind reader.

I made the joke to my wife that I’m not a mind reader and in fact, if I did have a super power, by choice, that would not be the one I wanted. I’m starting to veer off track again haha. ANYWAY back to where I was going. I’m willing to be a tour guide and divulge information about the parks, lead you around, and do whatever is needed, but I need to know what you want to do!

We’ve gone numerous times with various people and getting people to look at things ahead of time and think of things they want to do is like pulling teeth. What I like about the parks is something you might not like or care for. I love the Tomorrowland Transit Authority and my wife loves The Carousel of Progress. Both can be viewed at very boring rides, but we love those rides. Other more “exciting” or “new” rides don’t really fit our fancy. We’ve been on The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train twice and I don’t really care for it (yes I know it’s not made for my age group, but I think the Barnstormer is neat).

Well I have to start finding things to do to help plan our holiday fun so I think I’m going to get started on that. I’m a huge Disney fan (only the WDW parks though) so I’m always willing to answer a question if I can. When we went with my sister-in-law and she was asking questions about the hotels I realized I only focus on one aspect of WDW/Disney and that’s the parks. That is was I love and enjoy to do. We don’t stay at the hotels (mostly because we can’t afford it), I don’t look at the other parks across the country/world because once again we can’t afford it and I don’t want to look into how awesome these other things if I can’t go. I think that’s just silly.

Alright well I feel I’ve bored you enough with my ramblings so I shall head off on an adventure of searching the internets. So for now I’ll have to say…

  • Later Days

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