Customer Service

It is amazing how customer service gets such a bad rep. I know that from working retail what people can be like. That experience leads me to act differently when I have an issue. I’ve been treated terribly when dealing with places and I’ve been treated great. Verizon  was one of my greatest memories. This was years and years ago when I had an issue, but I remember having terrible issues that made me FURIOUS. I called up with a little bit of a tone in my voice, but I said to the lady I am very irritated, but trying not to take it out on her. I imagine she knew I was irritated, but she handled every one of my issues and was very happy about the whole situation.

As I am a frequent flyer at Disney World I almost think I hold customer service in a higher regard and that company’s should take care of their customers. Especially since I feel there should be loyalty. I’m loyal to company’s I deal with and I feel they should be loyal to me since I feel devoted to them. Continuing on with phone company’s I feel that customer loyalty to phone company’s is gone. I’ve been with Verizon since I first had a cell phone. I know that if I called and said I’m being charged too much and was going to switch for a company with better prices that they would be like “don’t let the door hit you on the way out.” It’s very disappointing.

I dread having to deal with a place when I have an issue. I feel there shouldn’t be an issue in the first place. If there is an issue a simply e-mail should solve the problem and if I have to call this is the last resort. Some places are phone call only which I find to be a hassle because you have to devote a set amount of time to sit there, wait for a representative, go through all the bullshit steps they have to take you through as dictated by their script (thank you troubleshooting issues from the cable company), the issue can take however long to fix, and even then when the phone call is done the issue may not be fully resolved.

I called Jawbone yesterday as my fitness tracker bit the dust. This was my second one and second time I’ve had a problem. If I had to get a new tracker with the knowledge I have now I wouldn’t get a Jawbone again. I’m very disappointed with it. I called yesterday and got my problem resolved. Luckily they are a Pacific Coast company so they had late hours. However, this is what I mean by the issue may not be resolved right away. I now have to wait for a new tracker to be mailed and then I can send the broken one back and hopefully have no further issues.

I know that no matter what I do I would have to wait, but it’s the fact that I have to set aside a certain time to be able to call and sit on the phone to troubleshoot for them to tell me what I already know in order to get something fixed. I should be able to e-mail and say to them hey I followed all these steps and it is still not working. Then they can turn around and tell me ok since you followed the steps we will issue you a new one. I know they have to verify that I did the steps in order to satisfy their needs, but it’s still annoying.

Either way the issue is resolved. My other issue with the Homes 2 Suites is not resolved and I really hate Hilton right now. So much so that I will probably never stay at a Hilton. I e-mailed my issue, I got an automated response that says it takes 2 days for then to respond to the issue. Then I got another e-mail saying it takes 3 business days to investigate and get back to me. So here we are 6 business days later and I’ve heard nothing. I might be able to call, but unfortunately everything is under my wife and she works like 12 hour days and isn’t going to have time to call between 9 and 5 like businesses think you should be able to call.

I can call, but I doubt they would tell me anything since nothing is in my name. That is also frustrating. We live in a time of computers I should be able to log on, maybe do a live chat. The Hilton has a chat, but it requires a headset. THAT IS STILL CALLING. It’s frustrating. I’m not a very good talker and my thought process can be very scattered so I can get overwhelmed easy so I prefer being able to type rather than talk.

Well I don’t see things changing anytime soon and there will continue to be issues and I know people can be assholes, but for those of us out there who understand I just feel it would be nice to be appreciated when I call and treated like a person especially if I’m a loyal customer. I like to be a return customer, but when you have terrible service or a shitty product I’ll pass. For now I guess I’ll just have to say…

  • Later days

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