A Helping Hand

Nothing makes me happier than being able to help others. I often screw things up or fear that I will. A lot of times I doubt I can do things right, but when I do figure it out and everything works out I’m quite happy. Right now I’m battling with working on combing videos for someone and as much as it’s driving me bonkers I know if I can figure this out it will be appreciated. I look forward to that. I’m sure a lot of people look forward to their hard work paying off and being appreciated for it. There isn’t enough recognition for that these days. You barely get a good job if you get that at all.

With the holidays coming up I try to make myself readily available so I can help out. We will be making a trip to Disney with my sister-in-law and her kids. My parents want to go there with us. I know I will be running errands and possibly picking up or wrapping gifts come the time. It all makes me really happy no matter how stressed out I get.

Speaking of stressed I’m having to deal with a lot of crap I don’t feel I should have to deal with. My Jawbone is not working so now I have to call them again. It is looking like this is the second time I’ve had one of these devices fail on me. Brighthouse has been over charging me for a modem. I own my own so they shouldn’t be charging me $4 a month so I had to contact them.

Then the hotel we stayed at is real close to getting a terrible awful review. They had a plumbing issue the day we were supposed to check in so they didn’t have a room for us and that was supposed to be refunded. It hasn’t. Then we have a mystery $50 charge from the hotel and we haven’t heard back from them yet after I e-mailed them over a week ago. I only have a few more days to leave a review and except for the initial day we were helped out by the assistant manger our stay wasn’t that great. If the money situation gets handled it will be a moderate review because there was more issues than just the money, but if they want to dick us over then that can be easily rectified.

It’s frustrating when a company like the Hilton is the one that is on the verge of dicking you over and whether or not this gets rectified I doubt I’ll ever stay at one again just because what I’m dealing with at the moment. It’s not like we got an e-mail saying sorry about the situation it will be handled it was the manager telling us that they talked to expedia and we would be reimbursed. We didn’t book through expedia we booked through hotels.com. It is just so disappointing to be let down by a company like Hilton.

The cable company I can understand, the fitness tracker company has not that much control over their product it is just frustrating to have to contact them for a second time because of equipment failure. I can honestly say I wouldn’t buy a Jawbone or recommend it again after having to do this again. A company like the Hilton should be help in much higher standards than those other two companies I feel. I wish I had a better experience, but I guess that’s what happens.

I guess you can’t win them all. I have a lot of shopping and errands to do after work today, but I’m going to the gym first and then I will go to the place I dread (Wal-mart) and then over to the storage unit so I can pick up our Christmas decorations and start switching holidays. Since we took our vacation and missed the first week of November our whole concept of time for the month so instead of decorating for Thanksgiving we are just going to get a head start on Christmas. Well this was just a quick blog since we are pretty busy at work so I will touch base again tomorrow. It has been a little slow. I’m sure I will have more tomorrow. Until then…

  • Later Days

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