Friend’s Wedding

I went to a friend’s wedding today and to be honest I was dreading to go especially since it was going to be a Catholic wedding. I don’t know what my religious beliefs are personally, but I know I don’t believe in God, at least in a traditional sense. I’d like to believe their are things that are complete out of our control, but not that some old mysterious invisible being is in the sky watching everything we do and judging whether we are good or not. If you are not good you can be forgiven. Just seems hokey to me. I grew up Catholic by the way. I did Sunday school and went to church until middle school when I just didn’t want to go and my parents finally gave in even though they told me it upset them.

Organized religion for that matter just seems to be, well, ridiculous. It’s not something I really feel like getting into, but let me finish my thoughts by saying I’m not condoning religion I know everybody needs something in their lives and if you choose to believe in one thing or the other I have no problems with that. Don’t force your opinions on other people and don’t hurt other people then we won’t have a problem.

Alright back on track! My friend’s wedding. It wasn’t as long as I thought it was going to be. I really thought they were going to have mass along with the wedding, but that wasn’t the case so it didn’t take as long as I thought. It was nice and I could tell my friend was incredibly nervous. He’s a nice guy who is a little goofy, but I’m really happy he found someone. They both seemed really happy.

The wedding was at their church and the reception was at a local catering company. The seats were choose your own and we didn’t know anybody. We chose a seat in one of the tables in the back next to people that worked in the same company I did years ago (and my friend still works there), but I never worked with them and their table was full. We were by ourselves for most of the beginning when an older couple sat next to us and had two other guys join us.

Come to find out that the older guy of the couple that joined us was the father of the bride so that was cool. I’m not a social butterfly and am not good at small talk so my anxiety level goes through the roof in situations like this. However, the two guys were very talkative and so was the father of the bride’s wife. Two chairs got stolen so the other table next to us could fit more people so instead of having 8 people at our table we only had 6 so we were spread out nice.

The food was ok, I think the horderves were better than the  food itself. I didn’t hate the food it was good, but not great.

Weddings are lame in one aspect, but on the other hand they are fantastic to witness. I enjoy going to weddings to see the birth of devotion of love that two other people. I know marriages don’t last especially in our day in age, but I like seeing marriages happen, whether or not they last. I would like to think that my friend will remain married for the rest of his life. I’m a believer of true love.

I’ve always believed in it and I believe love is out there one way or another for two people. They may never meet, but I believe they are out there. I feel so happy to be able to watch other celebrate the beginning of love for two people. There were couples that had been together for almost 30 years. I feel as if weddings are a reminder that you got married for a reason and chose to spend your life with someone else. It is great to have that reminder actually.

As much as I didn’t want to go to the wedding I’m happy I was able to. I’m happy I got to share an incredible day for my friend and have a reminder that I married someone who is very dear to me. Since I am a sucker for love I only wish for others to be able to have the same thing. I hope readers get a chance at love even if it is short. For those that have it I hope you hold onto it and never forget what you have. Until then…

  • Later Days

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