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So I’ve gone back to the gym, sort of, and mostly. I’ve decided to talk about this rather than day 2 of my trip because I had my second workout yesterday. Let me give you a little history on my fitness level. I’m one of those people who goes to the gym, then doesn’t go, then goes back, then doesn’t, then goes a couple days, and then doesn’t.

That being my process I’m back on, mostly haha. I say mostly because I never hold myself accountable and usually go for a week or two straight and then something comes up. I get sick, get in infection (I have chronic sinus issues), or family issues come up and I just can’t go. I’ve never been slim and trim since I’m a fat guy, but I was getting pretty strong a few years ago. However, the gym I was going to was first Gold’s Gym and I LOVED it there, but they sold the gym and the place that took over was Hardcore Fitness Center. That place was pretty dirty and didn’t have great upkeep and I kept getting sick so I was happy/annoyed when they sold the gym to Anytime Fitness.

I found out that there is a big difference between a gym and a fitness center/health club. I gave Anytime Fitness a chance, but they just didn’t have great equipment for lifting and I was really disappointed. I didn’t find a gym for a few months until a co-worker of my wife said that Kinnetix Health Club was great. We went in checked it out and found it to be pretty good. It has since been sold to a place called Be-Fit Now! or something like that, but they haven’t changed much of anything even though they were supposedly going to re-model. As always when you switch a gym, managers, and such attendance drops dramatically. I’m not bothered by that because my current plan requires me to use the squat rack every time I’m there so it’s nice to have that mostly open, but I’m afraid that the gym won’t stay open.

Now that you know my most recent gym history in a nutshell I’ll proceed to tell you why I have gone back. I’ve had some medical issues come up and I want to get in shape because I know a portion or all of my problems will be the cause of me being overweight so I’m trying to counteract that starting now until  I can get in to see my doctor. At least now I have a bit of motivation behind me now. I know that going to the gym isn’t the 100% answer, but I’m starting there and I’m working on being more conscious of what I eat.

At home we have started making dinner. My wife makes my lunches and I started eating breakfast (it’s cereal at the moment until I run out of Count Chocula, but then it will be eggs). Before I was just going to Starbucks for breakfast. This way I’m making healthier choices and working out. I’ll add cardio to my workout either next week or the following I’m just working on being more active and being more conscious of what I eat for starters.

Since I’ve been off and on at the gym so much over the past year even though I started this year off great my workout yesterday (workout 2) proved to be pretty hard to finish and I don’t know that I’ve EVER been that out of shape. It was really an eye opener. Once exercise I used to excel at when I was younger defeated me. Even though I’ve been overweight most of my life I was killer at sit-ups when I was younger. However, yesterday I did 2 sets of 15 sit-ups and I couldn’t finish my second set. I got to 14 and struggled struggled, struggled. I gave up, but then laid back down and tried to squeeze out that last one.

I was so defeated by that. Like I said though it was a real eye opener. Now I’m going to start being even more conscious about things and I have a new drive for this. If you are wondering what I’m doing then I will go ahead and tell you about that now. Previously I’ve always done a 3-day or 4-day split where you work a couple or a few body parts a week (day 1 – back and biceps, day 2 – triceps and chest, etc.). I started reading how full body splits are more effective and get you stronger quicker. I realized after trying the full body split a few times (I’ve attempted to do the workout let’s say 3 or 4 times, but never completed the 6 weeks) that this is the workout I need to be doing.

I say that because it pushes you. You start off doing it like this: Workout A is Monday and Friday for week 1 and Workout B is Wednesday. Week 2, Workout B is Monday and Friday and Workout A is Wednesday. Each week you add 5lbs to upper body lifts and 10lbs to lower body lifts. It really forces you to push yourself and I realized that I have not been doing that which is why I’m not getting any results or the results I’m looking for. I was very excited to do this full body workout. If you are interested in it, the plan is called Fierce 5 and you can read about it on bodybuilding.com (http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=159678631). There is a lot of good information on that website, but I always keep my eyes open for new information and a variety of opinions.

Friday is my last workout this week and that will wrap up week 1. I’m keeping track of the weight I lift on bodybuilding.com/app (the app rarely syncs to the website for me so I have to go back in and type my workouts in) so I can keep building. On top of lifting which I have always rather enjoyed I’m doing other stuff at home to try and get that back in order since we were away for awhile and it’s hard to get back on track. Perhaps tomorrow I will continue telling you about my vacation. For now I’m going to work on losing weight, getting stronger, and getting in shape. I know I’ll be back on here telling my tales as I continue. Until then…

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