First! (aka Day 1)

Welcome to the Blog! This is my first time doing something like this on my own website versus one that was it’s own website (i.e. LiveJournal). So in the beginning the website is going to be very bland until I get things figured out.

Anyway I want to start off by talking about my recent trip to Baltimore, Washington D.C., and Pennsylvania. It was quite a trip. Everyone I talked to talked about how much walking there was to be done just to see the sights and how much time different things would take, but you really underestimate it when you look at it on Google Maps. We arrived in at Union Station which is behind the Capital building (behind being a relative term. If you were standing in front of the Capital then Union Station would roughly be to the right of you so… I think that’s to the East of the Capital? Anyway I’m going to say behind haha). Being from FL we were mesmerized by the Fall colors and trees. My wife took a ton of pictures.

From there we took pictures of the Capital, the House and the Senate from the outside. My wife made a comment saying she would like to see the rotunda inside, but I was trying to stay on schedule since we had to be to the Washington Monument at 1:30PM and I had no idea how long it would take us to cross the mall to get to the monument. I didn’t want to look like a tourist playing on my phone looking at maps because that’s how you get targeted by pickpockets. That being said we saw a sign that said Visitor Center so we decided to check it out and see if we could get a map that we could look at when we were sitting down or at least get an idea of how everything was laid out and where everything was. Between trying to remember where buildings are where and how the train system works it was hard to remember everything.

Being from FL we have little public transportation so the train system was foreign to us. We wandered down to the visitor center and grabbed a couple pamphlets that were outside and went inside. The person inside asked if we were there for the tour and we were like “uhhhhhh… yes?” He gave us directions of what was down where we were and we went over to the line he said was for the tour. I told my wife if it was too long then we were going to have skip it and move on. Well we ended up on a tour of the capital and my wife got to see the inside of the dome. She was very excited and it all happened on accident.

After that we went to the American Indian museum and ate, went up the Washington Monument, walked to the MLK memorial, over to the Korean War Memorial, then to Lincoln, round to the Vietnam Memorial, back to the WWII memorial, and finally over to Museum of Natural History. The Museum was a complete let down. It was big and had a lot of stuff, but I didn’t feel there was any rhyme or reason to the exhibits. Here is the ocean part of the museum and a bunch of preserved fish. Here are some ancient fish. We saw the Hope Diamond, the ocean area, the couple dinosaurs they had up, and called it quits. Not only were we unimpressed with the museum, but we were complete exhausted. My wife loved the Hope Diamond, I just didn’t care for the museum at all.

We ended our day with a trip to We the Pizza for dinner. My wife wants to visit famous places to eat while visiting the country so this was our first stop (lunch we ate at the American Indian museum and that was amazing, expensive, but amazing). However, We the Pizza was awful. The veggies didn’t have much flavor, the cheese was bland, the sauce was runny, gross, and also had no flavor. It was a lame end to a great day.

I will try and continue discussing my trip and other places we ate and maybe eventually I will get this thing more figured out where I can perhaps add pictures. I just wanted to get my first post in and done and I hopefully will be blogging a lot more!

  • Later days!

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